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  January 2, 2013
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Dear Quilters,

Happy New Year!

A new year means new quilts! As we know, quilting is good for us, so to our sewing machines!

Now, what to sew? is just the place to find new projects, new skills, and ways to master all of the basics of quilting. We have way over 1,100 videos in our library! Here are some I picked out:

Trapunto Quilting Techniques – Shadow and Reverse

Linda Taylor demonstrates quick and easy ways to do shadow and reverse trapunto on the longarm machine. She also gives some helpful tips on organizing your thread and bobbins. Hari Walner shares her shadow trapunto technique.

Watch the video!

Quilting with Monofilament Thread

Jodie Davis heads over to Prince Charming, a frame shop across the street, where quilter Alison Ruggiero shows Jodie the ins and outs of quilting with monofilament thread. And we get to see some of Alison’s framed, quilted art work.

Watch the video!

How to Use Fabric Scraps to Make 3D Bowls

National sewing educator Joyce Drexler shows how to use fabric scraps and thread to make three-dimensional bowls into quilts. You’ll learn how to add yarn and other unique fibers.

Watch the video!

Here’s to a year full of great quilting and quilts!

Happy quilting,

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show!
Quilt Out Loud!
The Quilters Community

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Sievers School + Beginner Patchwork "Boot Camp"- Fabric Stash

While teaching at the Sievers School, Mary Fons brings us her "boot camp" episode. In this video Mary answers the question: what is a fabric stash? (Hint: It has nothing to do with scraps.) Mary gives her five tips for building your quilt fabric stash.

Watch it here!

Quilters TV: The Quilters Community

Episode #23
TNT – Threads, Needles, Tension with Handi Quilter

Proper tension adjustment on your quilting machine is critical for beautiful quilting stitches. In order to accomplish that, several variables must be considered, including needle size and thread. Handi Quilter studio educator Cheryl Duncan explains.

Watch “Quilters Community”

Watch Quilt Out Loud! at

Quilting Videos Marked Down to $4.99
Several of the informative quilting videos at have been reduced in price. Click here to start browsing for how-to quilting videos at a discounted price and learn from the experts.

Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook

Download Your Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook from Fons & Porter Today!

For quilters, using beautiful batik fabrics can make any quilt pattern pop right off of the quilt. Stunning batik fabrics like multicolors or even semisolids are perfect for numerous different quilting patterns – from Civil War quilt patterns to floral quilts.

This free eBook from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting includes the information needed to create the four different batik fabric quilts, including:

  • The "Blue Lagoon" batik quilting pattern, featuring easy-to-make quilt diamonds and pyramids.
  • The "Piña Colada" batik quilting pattern, featuring big blocks and tropical colors.
  • The "Spinning Rails" batik quilting pattern, highlighting a variation of the traditional rail fence pattern quilt.
  • The "Painted Desert" batik quilting pattern, combining accurate cutting and piecing to produce a stunning miniature quilt.

Click here to get started!

Quilters Club of America - Community Update

Win thread from Sulky.

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