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  December 26, 2012
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Dear Quilters,

This is a funny week. It’s reminds me of the filling of a holiday sandwich. Between Christmas and New Year’s we don’t expect people to be around, to be productive. So to me it’s a great time to get things done and try things I’ve been itching to experience.

In preparation for shooting Quilt Out Loud! which we taped earlier this month I dove into thread painting, something I’d been wanting to play with. Boy, is it fun! And so, so forgiving! During this limbo week I’ve been doing more and am quickly gaining skills.

Want to try it? You need go no further than I typed in “thread painting” in the search box on the site and came up with a long list of videos to watch.

The first person I saw do this technique is Terry White. This video is a great introduction to thread painting:
Cherry Rug

Marlis Bennett from Bernina shows how to thread painting on printed fabric.

Once you’ve got the basics down, go ahead and be wowed at the possibilities these two artists on Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show present:

Making Thread Painted Quilts From Photos with Jennifer Day

Experience the Magical World of Ellen Anne Eddy and create your own!

If you want to see the thread painting I’ve been working on, check out my Facebook page. And while you’re on Facebook be sure to “Like” You can win free books!

Happy quilting,

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show!
Quilt Out Loud!
The Quilters Community

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Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Episode #309
Skill Builders for Free-Motion Quilting Renae Allen

Longarm teacher Renae Allen realized that her students needed a project before the project so they could build on basic skills. They needed to learn the rhythm, the motion, the repetitive motion and the motor skills of longarm stitching. She developed Skill Builders, a fabric printed with all kinds of lines to use as a stitching guide.

Once you have the skills you’ve been practicing with Skill Builders it’s time to make decisions for the designs to use on your quilt. Design Builder is another set of pre-printed panels that together with the twelve different ways Renae gives to quilt each block, provide endless possibilities for quilting your blocks and even borders.

Renae Allen explains that there are three basic ways to make feathers: formal, free form, and open or traditional. With variations, there are endless possibilities. To master feathers, Renae has created her Skill Builders preprinted panels for you to practice on. Then Renae shows quilts made with various feather designs and threads.

In Short Takes on Longarm Quilting Vicki Hoth answers the question of how to decide what to quilt on a quilt? Vicki offers tips for powerful practicing which helps you gain confidence by seeing your improvement quickly, then moving onto “cheater panels” and real quilt tops.

Watch it here!


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Show the guild how to finish quilts like a pro with the Baby Lock TruStitch Stitch Regulator. Now it's easier to enjoy free-motion quilting at a comfortable pace and know that every stitch is evenly spaced and consistent. With TruStitch you can finish every quilt with confidence!

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Quilt Out Loud!

Episode #406
Visit Master Applique Artist Karen Kay Buckley

Mark Lipinski and Jodie Davis open the show from a glass shop Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Deb Fuller of LeTort Glass makes beautiful fused glass sewing scissor keepers for master applique artist Karen Kay Buckley, who is Mark’s door knock “victim” in this episode.

Merrily Parker has sold many a longarm machine and in doing so helped many longarm quilters start their business. Merrily joins Jodie at Quilt Market to you tips on getting started in your own longarm quilting business. From choosing a machine to setting up your business, this is what you need to know.

Next Mark knocks on the door of master applique artist and fourteen-time cover (quilt) girl Karen Kay Buckley in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Mark tours her incredible new studio which was previously her husband’s man cave. Then she shows Mark where and how she creates her spectacular quilts including the knockout on her design wall. For Karen it’s all by hand from design through stitching.

Watch the second part of Mark’s doorknock visit with Karen Kay Buckley and be ready to be wowed by her quilt show. You will see why her hand appliqued medallion quilts have made many a magazine cover. As Mark says about her black quilt; “insane!” Then Karen takes Mark “around the corner” to her fabric stash. Next Mark and Jodie review the latest book from Martingale by Karen Diehl and Laurie Baker.

Watch it here!

Quilters TV: The Quilters Community

Episode #25
Satin Stitching with Patrick Lose

Quilter Patrick Lose shares his satin stitching technique for quilting.

Watch Quilters Community

Watch Quilt Out Loud! at

Quilting Videos Marked Down to $4.99
Several of the informative quilting videos at have been reduced in price. Click here to start browsing for how-to quilting videos at a discounted price and learn from the experts.

Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook

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This free eBook from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting includes the information needed to create the four different batik fabric quilts, including:

  • The "Blue Lagoon" batik quilting pattern, featuring easy-to-make quilt diamonds and pyramids.
  • The "Piña Colada" batik quilting pattern, featuring big blocks and tropical colors.
  • The "Spinning Rails" batik quilting pattern, highlighting a variation of the traditional rail fence pattern quilt.
  • The "Painted Desert" batik quilting pattern, combining accurate cutting and piecing to produce a stunning miniature quilt.

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Quilters Club of America - Community Update

Win The Toasted Collection fat quarter bundle from Andover Fabrics.

Win thread from Madeira.

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