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  October 10, 2012
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Welcome Message
Peacock Rug by Marion Sachs

This detail of rug hooker extraordinaire Marion Sachs’ peacock rug showcases the shading she creates with her hand dyed wools.

Dear Quilters,

Knowledge is power! Or at least way better sewing.

I don’t know about you but I tend to use the same familiar products again and again. There’s nothing wrong with that – except when there’s something better for the particular job at hand.

Which is why I was soaking up every word from my guest on this month’s Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show. Heather Purcell, otherwise known as “Mother Superior”, brought a bunch of quilts and Superior Threads to show us all which threads to use where and why.

As always, quality is the first key in achieving good results. Invisible thread is one example. It can be so frustrating breaking all the time! But get a high quality brand and you’ll be sewing and smiling. I’ve had so much trouble sewing with metallic threads fraying that I had to try Superior’s metallic right there on the Handi Quilter. Sewed like a dream and Heather explained why.

I was close to thread love overload when Heather unfolded a quilt quilted with Kimono silk thread which sure made me hanker to make one. The detail is amazing!

Superior has even created a line of threads that are economically priced and very easy to sew with in many situations, addressing all of our quilting needs. Watch the show and then head on over to the Superior Threads web site for even more threaducation such as suggested needles and needle sizes and help with tension and more. You can even join a thread of the month club. Fun!

Happy quilting,

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show!
Quilt Out Loud!
The Quilters Community

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Episode #307
It’s All About the Thread
Heather Purcell

Heather Purcell shows Jodie a lovely red silk quilt that is quilted, naturally, with Superior’s silk thread. A wool batting by Hobbs makes everything puff up beautifully. Next up is Omni, a good-for-everything workhorse thread. Heather then shows us the latest from Superior, Magnifico, a 40 weight thread with lots of sheen that comes in 200 colors.

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth
How do you choose a backing for your quilt? It depends upon what you’re trying to accomplish. In her foray into quilt backing options, Vicki shows busy and plain backings, pieced backings and even cuddly soft quilt backs for children’s quilts.

Watch it here!


New Luxury Quilting Machine from Baby Lock
As you perfect your quilting techniques, use a machine that will help you hit the high notes—the NEW Baby Lock Crescendo.

This new luxury machine has an 11.25” Wide Open Space for hassle-free quilting of large projects. Plus, smart features such as the Digital Dual-Feed System—which evenly feeds fabric layers—ensure precise, consistent quilting.

So if you’re ready for the peak quilting experience, visit an Authorized Baby Lock Retailer to try the Crescendo today!

Baby Lock  is an official sponsor of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting. Visit us at

Quilt Out Loud!

Episode #404
Similar and Different

Quilter and rug hooker extraordinaire Marion Sachs of York, Pennsylvania is Mark’s doorknock subject this month. Marion’s magnificent quilts are hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted although she’s not averse to using the sewing machine. Enjoy the show and tell!

Watch it here!


Episode #240
BAGG: “Dying Flutchman”

The Flying Dutchman is a classic quilt block with a modern flavor when worked up in gorgeous fabrics. We call it “Dying Flutchman” for fun, but whatever the name, this is one hot — and easy — block.

Watch here!

Watch Quilt Out Loud! at Teaching people to quilt is our passion. is a place where you learn to quilt, or expand your skills with expert instruction. Learn a new technique or a timesaving tip from passionate expert quilters such as Liz Porter!

Quick Wedge Template Class - EASY!!
Make this easy quilt using the wedge template.  Tony and Cindy show you how to make Rosie’s Charm, a very special quilt made for Tony’s mother-in-law.  Instructions for this class include optional color ways and size charts for making this special quilt in all sizes from crib to queen.  Included in this class is an additional quilt pattern, Split Rail Fence.  Tony Jacobson designed this totally modern quilt using his endless stash of batiks. Use your favorite batiks and the versatile Fons & Porter Large Wedge Template to make your own version of this traditionally inspired Split Rail Fence pattern.  

Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook

Download Your Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook from Fons & Porter Today!

For quilters, using beautiful batik fabrics can make any quilt pattern pop right off of the quilt. Stunning batik fabrics like multicolors or even semisolids are perfect for numerous different quilting patterns – from Civil War quilt patterns to floral quilts.

This free eBook from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting includes the information needed to create the four different batik fabric quilts, including:

  • The "Blue Lagoon" batik quilting pattern, featuring easy-to-make quilt diamonds and pyramids.
  • The "Piña Colada" batik quilting pattern, featuring big blocks and tropical colors.
  • The "Spinning Rails" batik quilting pattern, highlighting a variation of the traditional rail fence pattern quilt.
  • The "Painted Desert" batik quilting pattern, combining accurate cutting and piecing to produce a stunning miniature quilt.

Click here to get started!

Quilters Club of America - Community Update

Win 10 yards of fabric from Quilting Treasures.

Win 1 of 3 Quilting Prize Packages from Landauer.

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