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  April 11, 2012
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Welcome Message

Bars is an Amish quilt c. 1910 shown in the Quilt Index of the Alliance for American Quilts This quilt was made in Pennsylvania in 1910 of gray, black and red wool fabrics.

Dear Quilters,

You asked, and we listened. So many people said they’d like a peek at what has to offer, that we opened the gates a few weeks ago for a free weekend at Well, you liked what you saw and joined up!

Watch this newsletter each week to learn about the latest from each of our five exclusive series. Just follow a link to watch the show you’re interested in.

Here’s how we roll out the shows:

We divide Quilt Out Loud!, Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show, and Quilting Celebrations into three parts, airing the first part the first week of the month, the second the second, and so forth. Then in the fourth week we put each show up in its entirety. That way you can watch in smaller bites, or all at once.

Of course Quilty is created as independent shows averaging ten minutes each, with a new one queued up for you each week.


Happy quilting,

Quilting Celebrations
Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show!
Quilt Out Loud!

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Episode 301 - Combining Two Passions
Jennifer Day

Jennifer shows Jodie how to prepare a photograph for printing. She imports the photo to her computer. Using Photoshop, she “posterizes” the photo so she can see where all the colors go. Next step is choosing the thread colors for the stitching. She uses Superior Thread and prefers the matte finish for most of her thread painting. A very high resolution image is given to the printer using the paper backed fabric she supplies.

Short Takes on Longarm Quilting with Vicki Hoth

Vicki gives Jodie hints on successfully putting together the quilt sandwich. The backing must be stretched taunt on either a table or the floor. Next is attaching the layers together. She covers the options including spray adhesives, safety pins, hand basting and micro tacking. Of course, if you have a longarm machine the procedure is much simpler. Some longarmers will baste the layers together for hand quilters.

Watch it here!


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Quilt Out Loud!

Episode 310 - The Amish Touch

Wrapped in a “who knows how long” woolen scarf a la Dr. Who, Mark strolls the sidewalk in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood. Janneken Smucker is Mark’s doorknock guest this month and her husband is a huge Dr. Who fan, thus the costume. Janneken is a quilt academic with a PHD in Amish quilts to prove it. She shows Mark her quilt collection including ones she has made.

Watch it here!


Episode #214
This Is My Quilt with Special Guest Rebecca Fons, a.k.a., “Little Sister”

What do you do when you get home with your fabric and all your tools? Getting started on your first quilt can be really tough. Rebecca shows her "quilt" as it stands so far and gets a boost from her sis.

Watch here!

Quilting Celebrations

Episode 202 - New Techniques in Embellishment
Susan Cleveland

At the Koala Studio, Susan Cleveland joins Patrick to show some of her meticulous techniques for creating quilts in fun and unexpected shapes. You'll also learn how she creates her trademark piping.

Watch Now!

Watch Quilt Out Loud! at
Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook

Download Your Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook from Fons & Porter Today!

For quilters, using beautiful batik fabrics can make any quilt pattern pop right off of the quilt. Stunning batik fabrics like multicolors or even semisolids are perfect for numerous different quilting patterns – from Civil War quilt patterns to floral quilts.

This free eBook from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting includes the information needed to create the four different batik fabric quilts, including:

  • The "Blue Lagoon" batik quilting pattern, featuring easy-to-make quilt diamonds and pyramids.
  • The "Piña Colada" batik quilting pattern, featuring big blocks and tropical colors.
  • The "Spinning Rails" batik quilting pattern, highlighting a variation of the traditional rail fence pattern quilt.
  • The "Painted Desert" batik quilting pattern, combining accurate cutting and piecing to produce a stunning miniature quilt.

Click here to get started!

Quilters Club of America - Community Update

Win a $100 eGift Certificate from Martingale in the April Sponsor Spotlight.

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