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  February 15, 2012
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Welcome Message
Go Crazy by Allie Aller

October Flowers by Allie Aller is a small crazy quilt using a photo of a flower pounding project as the center motif.

Dear Fellow Quilters,

Have you watched our new--make this five--original series?

Every other month Quilt with the Stars introduces you to a quilting celebrity. The three-part series includes an interview, quilt show, and a how-to. All three parts featuring our second guest, Nancy Mahoney, are ready for you to view.

As are all of Mary Fons’s guests on the show, Nancy is a multi-talented quilter. In addition to teaching she designs fabrics and writes book. Her latest fabric line, Adeline is available from P&B Textiles. And her new book, Kaleidoscope Paper Piecing, was just published by Martingale. In fact Mark and I showed off some of her quilts from the book on Quilt Out Loud! Read below for more about the show and for links to the segments.

In the too-funny department, I received this photo from my friends at Gammill. Mid-Atlantic Longarm Quilters is putting on a retreat called “Birds of a Feather Quilt Together.” Those are obviously some pretty fancy birds! And it looks like a great time. Just had to share!

Happy quilting,

Quilting Celebrations
Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show!
Quilt Out Loud!

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Episode 211 - Debbi Trevino
All About Batting

Week Three
Does price matter? Debbi Trevino points out that your quilt top is already a large investment in the cost of the fabrics as is your time in creating it. Quilting is an additional investment. So, she advises, invest in the batting that will give the best result for that project. Debbie gives a review of the different fibers available in the huge selection of battings available today and the pros and cons of each. These include polyester, cotton (probably the most popular), blend of cotton/poly, wool, silk, bamboo and soy.

Watch Week 1 Now!
Watch Week 2 Now!
Week 3 will be premiering February 21st


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Quilt Out Loud!

Episode 308 - February 2012
Crazy for Crazy Quilts

Week Three
Overwhelmed by the craziness of crazy quilting? Allie Aller boils it down for Jodie into a simple block, which she repeats to make a quilt. Allie shows Jodie how she chooses fabrics, prepares for sewing, and sews - even curved seams- while making a block. She shows techniques that make velvet easier to sew and that ensure that your patchwork will be stable for the next step: embellishing! Then, Jodie and Mark meet back up at Spool in the shop’s workroom for their book review and quilt show of sample quilts featured in the books.

Watch Week 3 here!


Episode 205
I Got Those Happy (Presser) Feet

What is a presser foot? Is the plural “foots” or “feet”? Why do you change them for different tasks? Do you need special ones? What’s going on? Mary tries to answer all these questions and talks a little about the basic feet you need as a rookie.

Watch here!

Quilting Celebrations

Episode 112
The "Crowning" Details

Week Three
In segment three, Patrick asks Jessica to "play" at the machine and show us some of the fun and funky designs she uses to artfully decorate the quilts he's designed. You won't want to miss this episode of Quilting Celebrations with Patrick Lose, especially if you're looking to build your repertoire of fun and festive quilting techniques!

Watch Week 1
Watch Week 2
Week 3 will be available February 20th

Watch Quilt Out Loud! at
Quilt With the Stars: Nancy Mahoney

Get to know Nancy in this three-part series, and even try one of her design. Watch all three segments:

Part 1: Watch as Nancy Mahoney and Mary talk about Nancy’s start in the quilting world. From her introduction to quilts in the 1970s, to author, quilting teacher, and fabric designer, Nancy has an impressive quilting resumé. She shows her new fabric line with P&B Textiles and a couple of her books. Nancy also has an unusual pet—watch to see what it is!

Part 2: Nancy demonstrates how she made the blocks in her Fan Dance quilt, which is featured in the March/April 2012 issue of Love of Quilting. She cleverly uses several common products to make the process quick and easy, and discusses which thread to use for machine appliqué.

Part 3: Take a tour of Nancy’s enviable sewing studio, and get good ideas for using familiar furniture pieces for cutting and pressing tables. You’ll also see six diverse Nancy Mahoney quilts. She shows quilts that have been published in Love of Quilting, others made from her soon-to-be released fabric with P&B Textiles, and one of her favorites that’s made from 30s prints.

Free "Beautiful Batik Quilts" eBook

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For quilters, using beautiful batik fabrics can make any quilt pattern pop right off of the quilt. Stunning batik fabrics like multicolors or even semisolids are perfect for numerous different quilting patterns – from Civil War quilt patterns to floral quilts.

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  • The "Spinning Rails" batik quilting pattern, highlighting a variation of the traditional rail fence pattern quilt.
  • The "Painted Desert" batik quilting pattern, combining accurate cutting and piecing to produce a stunning miniature quilt.

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Quilters Club of America - Community Update

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Watch our newest Video Tip: Iron On Reminder.

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The newest QCA poll is available on the QCA homepage through the month of February. We want to know, based on your quilting style, What Valentine’s Day Gift Would You Be?

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