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  January 4, 2012
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Welcome Message
By Debby Brown

For this quilt (excerpt shown) Debby Brown chose rich fabrics to blend with her favorite shade of LYI thread.

Happy New Year!

I saw a funny funny last week about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world. It shows one person with a big round wheel-like stone that he has just finished inscribing, chisel in hand. The other person looks at it and says, “Why did you stop the calendar at 2012?” The chisler replies, “I ran out of room.” The other person remarks, “That’s going to cause quite a stir one day.”

On Quilt Out Loud! this month Mark Lipinski’s response to the supposed end of the world is an excuse to throw caution to the wind and jump in trying new things with our quilting and creativity. (We won’t go into the oh-so-Mark hoarding more stuff aspect of his plan for the end of the world.)

To me, this whole uproar is about legacy. A very well-known quilter has offered to donate part of the proceeds of auctioning some of her work to the Alliance for American Quilts. These are older pieces, definitely dated, but this quilter (it’s still in the just-an-idea stage so I can’t say who) influenced each one of us, even young quilters who never heard of her. In reading the e-mail containing this germ of an idea it struck me that that it has not as much to do with the individual pieces that gives them value, it’s what they did to contribute the direction of quilting that makes them museum-worthy. I’m sure that as she chiseled - I mean sewed - those pieces years ago she had no idea she was influencing quiltmakers for generations. She was just following her passion.

Best wishes for your creative endeavors in 2012, and 2013, and 2014…

Quilting Celebrations
Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show!
Quilt Out Loud!

Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show

Episode 210 - January 2012
It’s All About the Tools

Week One
Debby Brown proves that great quilting is all about the tools. For the classic clamshell design Debby chalk marks the area where the design will go and then lets the markings work for her as she fills in using the clamshell tool. Jodie tries her hand at stitching clamshells following Debby’s instructions to get the feel of stitching up against the template and how that “feel” comes very easily. She proves how versatile a simple design can be.

Watch here!

Quilt Out Loud!

Episode 307 - January 2012
UFO’s Old and New

Week One
Jodie and Mark enjoy a crackling fire in New Hampshire as they share what they’ve been up to. Mark shows off two crafts he’s never tried before: Swedish Weaving and Punch Needle Embroidery, both fun and creative. Jodie shows her two new books, Pocket Posh Tips for Quilters and Pocket Posh Tips for Knitters, which brings up the question about how products make it into the Keepsake Quilting quarterly catalog.

Premiering January 5th


Episode 151
String Quilts

Are you needing a break from patterns and rules? Is your scrap mountain threatening to take over your life? You need this show. Seriously, Mary has never had more fun with string quilts and you've got to check them out, too.

Watch here!

Quilting Celebrations

Episode 111
Lily’s Valentine’s Day Gift

Week One
Patrick's granddaughter, Lily, loves Valentine's Day and he's designed a great gift for her that you can easily make for someone you love. Using his Kona Colorworks yarn-dyed fabrics in Lily's favorite shades of pink, he's made her a very “girly" pillow that says L-O-V-E in appliquéd letters. In the first segment of the episode, Patrick and friends discuss the project and how you can make it even more easily if you’re a machine embroiderer. He also tells us about fabric grain and shows us some tips for working with plaid yarn-dyed fabrics.

Watch Now!

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Tame Your Stash with Fabric Organizers

When you rummage through your stash to start a project, do you end up with a mess to clean up before you can start sewing? The solution is Fabric Organizers. Simply wrap your fabrics on these clever gizmos and store them on shelves or in large containers. Your fabrics will be easy to see, sort, and keep neat. With Fabric Organizers your stash will look like a quilt shop!

Watch the Fabric Organizers Video!

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