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January 12, 2011
Define 'Me Time'

January February 2011 Love of QuiltingFor most of us, it's those first few days after the Christmas holidays. That 'Must-Do' list has become practically non-existent – and what a great feeling, at least for a couple of minutes. Then it's back to reality, 'Me Time' is over and life is suddenly crazy busy again, isn't it great!

So for your next 'Must-Do' list, we have found a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns perfect for the upcoming newlyweds, graduates, birthdays, holidays, and of course to welcome that sweet new baby into the family. Our first issue of the year (January/February 2011 Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting) starts things off with bold and contemporary examples rocking in color like Interlocking Stars and Diamond Joy. Or, find out what the wedding colors are ahead of time and play with it in random shades to create the China Girl or English Ivy designs.

Trendy's on Sale!
And, if you do you have a 'graduate' in your near future? Check out this SALE, (40% off!) its for a great My Style Pillow kit designed by Mary Fons – quick, easy, fun and the finished project is highly portable – it can easily go from dorm room to mom's house and back to dorm room again!

Make two for the price of one by creating a reversible design; or learn to piece and quilt as you go!!!!!!

January February 2011 Love of QuiltingMaybe 'Me Time' for you is all about learning new techniques; we've got you covered on those, too. Our new spring Easy Quilts issue will be out this week and introduces you to a couple of fun, new ways to help 'stretch your creative skills'. Try out the table runner design that lets you create reversible runners and placemats, one side features one color – and then flip it for a whole new look! Or try combining your piecing and quilting skills in one quick and easy step. Watch for the issue's Free online bonus quilt, Garden of Simple Delights, and try your hand at this clever technique, too.

Thanking Our Helping Hands

We would like to extend a special thank you to YLI for supplying the thread for quilting all the recent the soldier quilts that we sent to Afghanistan. Before quilting your next project, be sure to take a closer look at YLI and the amazing products they have to offer – you won't look at thread the same way ever again. If you would like to read more about the Afghanistan Quilt Project we did, click here.

We are Having On-line Quilting Party

Be sure to join the fun as we start the three-part sampler quilt designed by Toby Lischko. The complete materials list and instructions for the first six blocks are offered in the January/February 2011 issue of Love of Quilting. Also, watch for the video instructions to go online at Quilter's Club of America – have fun with us quilting and meet new friends along the way.


Tips to Make a Happy New Year from Baby Lock

In honor of 2011, we’ve collected 11 of our favorite New Year’s Tips for your sewing room – even Nancy and Eleanor joined in the fun! Here are several of our favorites:

  • Hate to waste scraps of your favorite fabric? Use small plastic containers to collect and organize scraps, and save them for crazy patch quilts or a small appliquéd touch.
  •  “If you mark quilts with the blue marking pen, after rinsing, allow your project to completely dry in a natural setting (do not use a blow dryer or any type of heat).  This will ensure that the lines will not show up again.” – Eleanor Burns PBS Host of Quilt in a Day
  • “I keep track of when I last replaced my serger knife blades by writing the date on the blades with a permanent marker.” – Nancy Zieman of PBS Host of Sewing With Nancy

Click here to read the 8 others!

Sew & Tell

What a Hoot!
submitted by Bea Lee

I got your magazine last month and saw the cute little owl pincushion made out of wool. I don't work in wool and don't have any wool on hand, but still thought these would be so cute as Christmas gifts for my quilting neighbors. So, instead I got out my scrap fabrics and hand appliquéd everything, I also added rice inside the pouch instead of sand as the pattern calls for. It was so much fun to make because I had to pick from my stash and I tried to stick with fabric colors that they like. I have one neighbor who does everything by hand and loves the golden colors/ civil war fabrics, so she's getting the brown/tan owl. Another neighbor likes brights and blue and green. Another likes black and white and red - or at least she's been quilting with those fabrics.

The orange one is for me- not that the fabric color is my favorite, it's just FUN and bright. A cute little gift for them and all I bought was fiberfill!

Click here to see the work in progress.
Click here for a bigger version of the completed owls.


Dalyn's First Quilt
submitted by Brenda Swan and Dalyn Semple of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

I just wanted to thank you so very much for putting together your "Learn to Quilt" Vol. 1 set. I used this to teach a young friend how to make a quilt and she gave it to her Mom. She sewed most of it together on my Featherweight 221 - which she fell in love with. And, young people aren't the least bit hung up on machine quilting - she was super creative from the start. She would not have been able to take the time off from her jobs to take classes at the local quilt shop so this was ideal - and a good reference for her to go back to again and again. I just purchased five more sets from you as I plan on giving them to my nieces and any other friend interested in getting started.  I recently bought your Vol. 2 and it is super excellent as well - some of my most favorite patterns all together in one package.  Keep up the excellent education tools - you make it fun, exciting, and inspire me to spread the "quilting bug".

Much appreciation.

Click to see a bigger version of the quilt.

Story Time, Short Stories Written by Our Readers

A Visit to the V.A. Hospital (4-28-10)
A short, 'True', story by Dave Brown

On one of my visits to the V.A. Hospital, in Madison, Wisc., I was admitted into a room that turned out to be a long arm quilting experience as well as a medical procedure.

The room was a standard two person and had minimal décor, just a few framed pictures on the wall. My picture was a bit unusual. It was a print of an old farmhouse done in a shades of gray technique with a colored point of interest to define a point. On the split rail fence extending to the foreground was a quilt, (the colorized item). Kind of interesting I thought.

As the day progressed, I overheard my roommate’s son speaking about his wife who had passed on about six months prior and his kids were in contact with him on his cell phone. He asked if it was O.K. to stand by the window by my bed as the reception was better and, “Hi, my name is Scott”. I said sure, and he was asking if they had found anyone to quilt the top they had made out of their mother's clothes. Being the entrepreneur that I am, I had hung a business card on the picture, tucked under the top right corner of the frame by the glass. As he talked with his daughter, they apparently had no luck in finding a quilter who would do it. He was looking at the picture and told his daughter about the phone number on the card. I said, “Scott, that’s me”. He smiled and asked if I’d do it. I said, “Send it to me and we’ll get it taken care of”. He got tears in his eyes and said, "thanks".

Read the rest of Dave's story >

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