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Marti Michell

Log Cabin ABCs with Marti Michell

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Vision by Gammill

Changing a baby can be lots of fun!

Every once in awhile, we gather as many fresh baby quilt ideas as possible and throw them all together for a special issue. Coming soon, in just a few weeks actually, will be our next special Baby issue that even comes complete with a CD of all the projects featured in our 2009 special Baby issue.

All of these fun projects not only set the tone for a marathon of quilting, but they offer a fantastic way for the 'newbie' quilter to try out a multitude of pattern ideas.

Baby quilts are also a fun way to explore the world of color – in fact, color change-ups are endless - even delicate pastel pinks and blues can easily be substituted with bright florals or geometric blacks and whites, or challenge yourself with monochromatic tones. Many times, when a full-size quilt seems a little daunting, even to a seasoned quilter – a small baby quilt can be a perfect 'breather', and/or a great way to hone one's skill on a certain block pattern. And, since baby quilt patterns can easily turn into lap quilts, wallhangings or even king-size quilt masterpieces – the opportunities are endless. Get ready to sew!


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Sew & Tells

submitted by Barbara Muench

Click for larger image.

One morning while watching the Fons and Porter TV program, Liz said that sometimes she gets up in the morning and, as she put it, "I just have to quilt."  I had that same feeling one day and made this quilt titled "Japanese Moonbeams" from the September/October 2006 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine.  Looking through the oriental-inspired fabric from my stash, I found these beautiful purple and lavender samples, one of the background fabrics even had Japanese language symbols.  To make the "moons" more dimensional, I backed them with a circle of cotton batting before appliquéing, and quilted the whole thing using the featherstitch on my machine.


Skippy Jane …
submitted by Lavonne Townsend, Hardinsburg, KY.

Click for larger image.

In December, we got a new cat we call Skippy Jane. And guess what?! She loves to help me sew. Every time I sit down at my sewing machine, she shows up within seconds to help by grabbing at my thread, the needle, or any other moving machine part. I had to watch her at all times – fearing for her safety and my machine. Sometimes I would try to sneak and sew, and sometimes I would have to put her outside. I hated to do this, so mostly I tried to sew quietly when she was sleeping. By accident, I found a solution to this problem. I sew on my dining room table and one day had placed a large serving bowl in the center of my table to be put up later, but before long, I was throwing my scraps of material and bits of threads into the bowl to keep my area clean as I was sewing. Skippy Jane thought this was a new toy and jumped into the fray, knocking some of the bits out, pulling out strips and chewing on them, and generally getting thread all over her. She would play awhile with the scraps, and then she would settle into the bowl for a nap. Now I keep the bowl filled with scraps at all times and Skippy Jane finds it comfortable enough to take her naps in it. Finally, we can be together when I sew.

I watch your show every Monday morning on Kentucky Educational Television (KET). It is my favorite show on TV. I joined a guild, and found a hobby I love and friends who are every bit as excited about quilting as I am.  Thank you for your wonderful programs and magazines.

Another picture of Skippy Jane

                                                - Editor's note: isn't that the cutest kitty name you ever heard?!


The neighbors a'door' it …
submitted by Nancy E. Miller, Starkville, MS.

Click for larger image.

My husband has always been interested in my quilting projects and goes fabric shopping with me. He even knows some of the quilting pattern names. So, when I showed him the picture of someone's garage door in the online newsletter last November, he had an idea. He remembered that I had been bugging him about painting our garage door, so he suggested we paint a quilt design on our door.

We used EQ6 to design several and selected the Flying Geese design. This is the finished garage door that my husband painted. We enjoy coming home and seeing the door, and, the neighbors like it, too (good thing!)


Texans at the Beach …
submitted by Penny Streiff, Windsor, CA .

Click for larger image.

When my stepdaughter requested that I make a quilt for her, I immediately thought of the Summer Flip Flops quilt I had seen in May/June 2008 issue of the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting magazine. I showed her the pattern and she was delighted, but, instead of the sashing and border as shown, she wanted a 'beachy' scene with sky, water, sand, a beach umbrella, and seashells, of course. And then, when the quilt was almost finished, she added a request for sea turtles. I wasn't sure I could pull that one off, but I told her I would give it a shot. Now the quilt is done and titled "Texans at the Beach," in honor of a fun family video.

When I first started the quilt, I had turned her loose with my fabric stash to see what type of fabric she would like for the flip-flops themselves. I added the straps to coordinate with all the fabrics she had chosen. I purchased new fabric to emulate the sand and water. The shells and sea turtles were made with dye pens and pictures found on the internet. When it came time to quilt the quilt, I used the original design for the center and the sun diagram was used in the border on the sun itself.

This was such a fun project, and I learned a great deal while making it. Thank you for so many inspiring projects in your magazine! I look forward to making a few more quilts featured within its pages.


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Happy Quilting!
    Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting


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