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Blast Off Kit
Help your space enthusiast travel through the glowing night skies when you create this quilt in great farics from Benartex.

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Mule Sampler Fused Appliqué with Jodie Davis

In this class Jodie will show you how to create a one-panel wall hanging depicting mules at rest. You will learn how to prepare and fuse fabrics and finish the appliqués with machine buttonhole stitching. Helpful tips are given along the way.

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Turn a page, or turn a channel, or click your dashboard—We're at your fingertips…

Sometimes the quilts we feature in an issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, show great potential as visual examples for our public television series. When planning each episode, the editorial team for projects and techniques that demonstrate as many aspects of quilt making as possible.

The goal for each show is to teach a new trick or method that will help make quilting easier, more accurate, and more fun. In fact, in our latest magazine issue, there were three quilts that fit the bill perfectly for a TV show. Nothing but Triangles,Twirling Triangles, and Valiant Eagle are great examples of quilts that you can check out in the July/August issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting; and then watch the actual making of that same quilt, on TV, from the comfort of your own living-room (note: these particular shows have already begun running in some areas).

If you happen to miss a new show, there's still plenty more Love of Quilting for you to watch if you're a member of Fons & Porter on Demand.  Simply go to your on-line Dashboard any time, and click on Past Shows, click whichever show you want, and then just sit back and watch them any time you'd like - commercial free (please note that due to airing restrictions, some of the most recent shows are not yet available).


Sew & Tells

Quilt of Hearts…
submitted by June Reeves, Leoma, TN.

Click for larger image.

This quilt is made of two hearts—my mother's and mine. Oct. 20th, 2008 my mother passed away. I had only made a couple of quilts before then. Since my mother passed, I feel closer to her when I sew. So I sew a lot. When sorting through her sewing room, my sisters did not want much of anything so I took most of it. I was going through the material and found pieces of this quilt. All the hearts were cut out and a few were sewn together. As I dug deeper, I found more pieces and things that seemed to go together.

As I worked on putting the pieces together, I realized just how talented my mother was. I have bought quilt magazines and seen many of the patterns that my mother had made. While sewing, I remember her saying many, "that won't do, I'll have to take it out and do it again." I worked on her last quilt a lot, sometimes putting it up because it reminded me too much of her – and that was hard. Mama had cut the hearts out and sewn the open hearts on the squares. She kept the inside hearts for some reason. I had to use my imagination to finish the final pattern. I decided to add the inside of the hearts to the top, and finally called it "2 Hearts'. I can only hope I have come close to what my mother had in mind for her quilt.

My  quilting skills have never been that great, but I do know I have learned from a wonderful and talented lady, Doris Ann Manus Hicks, my mother.

  1. To my mother, my friend who I miss dearly,


Ps. This quilt was just re-named, "Quilt of 3 Hearts." My daughter Rebekah had it professionally quilted for my Mothers Day gift, 2010.


A little of this, and a little of that…
submitted by Amy Hanson, Stoddard, WI.

Click for larger image.

Here are a few of the quilts I've made using your magazines. As you can tell, I like and have used many of your patterns. I really enjoy your magazine and look forward to its arrival.

* The 'Strips and Strings' quilt was from the March/April 1998 issue of Sew Many Quilts. In March '09, I made the top and donated it to our Church quilters for a quilt to be used as a fundraiser.

* I used the 'Pinwheel Star' pattern from the July/August 2000 issue of  Love of Quilting as the basis for the baby quilt I made from fabric I had purchased while visiting Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting shop in Winterset, Iowa. I gave the quilt to a co-worker for her baby.

* I used some of the same fabrics and made the 'Baby Baskets' quilt from the March/April issue of Sew Many Quilts. This also went to a co-worker and her baby.

* The tan/rust/brown quilt was made using the 'Kitty Corner' pattern from the Jan/Feb 2000 issue of Love of Quilting.


Tick-tock, time to quilt…
submitted by Barbara Campbell, Clearwater, FL.

Click for larger image.

I love your magazine, especially 'Sew & Tell'. I enjoy seeing what other quilters have made using your magazine. I also enjoy watching your TV show. A Quilter friend from Tennessee sent me this pattern from your Nov/Dec 2006 issue of Love of Quilting. I've always enjoyed making small items, so the clock was something I really had fun with – I made three of them for my friends. We have 'Show & Tell' at our Quilt Club (Quilters Crossing, Palm Harbor, FL). The members enjoyed the clocks so much that we are now going to have a class on how to make them.

Roses Clock
Red & Black Clock


submitted by Cathy Lanier of the 'Peace by Piece Quilt Guild', Big Lake, Monticello, and Buffalo, MN .

Click for larger image.

Our quilt guild members made fabric 'bingo cards' from your Sept/Oct 2006 issue and played bingo at the annual Christmas party. The winner was given all the blocks. She then cut them in half diagonally, replacing half with a neutral fabric. Two quilts were made from the Bingo Blocks, which have now been donated to the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Thanks for such a fun idea!


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Happy Quilting!
    Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting


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