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Ocean Breeze Kit
This easily-constructed quilt features light and breezy fabrics from Michael Miller. It's reminiscent of a day at the beach.

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Fons & Porter's Pyramid Ruler
Cutting equilateral triangles is easy using the Pyramid Ruler designed by Liz Porter. Clear concise directions for cutting 1" to 6" pyramids are printed directly on the ruler.

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Cupcakes and Quotes with Pat Sloan

Watch designer Pat Sloan as she shares machine appliqué tips and techniques that will have you stitching like a pro!

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How trendy is your stash?

If color trend experts are correct, we are apparently in for a 'green based' season with a few demure splashes of pinks, blues, and browns added to the palette. Or, you could be really fashion forward and color your world in Pantone #15-5519 Turquoise, the 2010's recipient of the color of the year. 

However, if the Maritime or oceanic theme doesn't fit your decor, there are yet other fashion experts who have predicted a recurrence of the romantic trends, and even others who say to follow the fun, new fashions inspired from the Pop Art of the sixties and seventies. The color choices for the latter theme are described as the flashier, pop colors of vitamin-charged smoothies: green, pink, turquoise, yellow and acidic orange.

Basically all this says is that if you are a trend-setting quilter, keep in mind the next time you search your stash and nothing makes you think of tidal waves or refreshing frozen slurpy drinks…you have license to go shopping.

And fortunately, trendy doesn't have to be spendy, check out the sale closets in your favorite shops, and if you just can't find anything that meets the experts' predictions…then be a maverick and set your own trend—or stick with a tried and true, like the good ol' black and white theme, with maybe just a touch of Pantone #15-5519 turquoise.

And remember that National Quilting Day is March 21st!



Sew & Tells

Hidden quilting…
submitted by Kyle LoCascio.

Twenty-five years ago when my son was twelve, he designed a quilt and asked me to make it for him. He wanted the finished quilt to have large blocks with no visible quilting on the top, other than on the seam lines. So, after piecing the top, I quilted the batting to the backing. Then I made my sandwich and satin stitched over the seams. He loved the quilt and used it all the way through graduate school. Then, he asked me to make one just like it, only in queen size. I thought someone might be interested in knowing that you can keep the batting contained without affecting the quilt top.


For Abigail…
submitted by Joan Yoder, Eugene, OR.

Click for larger image.

I enjoyed your demonstration on TV so much that I picked up your 2008 Baby Quilts issue so I would have all of the baby quilt patterns.  I am anxious to make some of the others. This quilt was for our fourth great grandchild, Abigail.


The talking quilt…
submitted by Michele Carlon, M.D., Chicago, IL.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

The pattern, 'Words of Wisdom' (the talking quilt from Sept 2005 issue of Love of Quilting), was perfect for our retiring school principal. It looked great in the school (St. Hilary's school in Chicago) colors of red and black. The Mothers' Club members all signed the back of the quilt to wish our principal well in his retirement.  I revised some of the messages and hand wrote them again on muslin squares, for the center of the stars.  I really LOVE the three dimension star points.  Thank you for such a great magazine.  I always look forward to receiving it and hiding out reading it after it's delivered!

Click for larger image.

Check out my quilty website at 

Thanks again!


Black and white…
submitted by Ruth Lofgren, Woodbridge, VA.

Click for larger image.

I just finished a quilt for my nephew, Jason, which was inspired by your cover quilt from the Sept/Oct 2007 issue of Love of Quilting. I made every block a different set of blacks and white prints. I watch your show everyday on PBS here in the DC area.


What's new from Babylock
Just like you, we’re looking forward to spring. We want to garden, travel to quilt shows and just enjoy the outdoors. This spring, we invite you to visit our Baby Lock open house where we’re showcasing 5 rooms decorated with free projects. Each project shows a different sewing, quilting, embroidery or serging technique or shortcut you may not have seen before. We’ll even show you a short video clip on each project. We hope you’ll visit our open house by clicking here.

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Happy Quilting!
    Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting


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